Saber City: Fight in mixed reality using an iPhone and the Quest Passthrough

After being able to try out many mixed reality experiences made possible by technology pass-through, just like the latest update of Cubism, here is a newcomer pointing the tip of his nose and setting the tone. It is Saber City, a game exploiting the mixed reality offered by the pass-through from Meta Quest, combined with the augmented reality technology of theiPhone.

Its developer, Eric Yearwood, is not at his first attempt and has already exploited the capabilities of Quest and of theiPhone with its app named QuestDraw AR (link Side Quest, link AppStore), in which a player wearing a virtual reality headset can draw everything in 3D in his real environment. This same person can be captured through theiPhone and superimposed in the real world.

Saber City continues to lean towards this approach, but takes the fun a lot further. As well, he proposes to have two people involved in virtual reality fight against a third person equipped with a iPhone. The latter, as shown in the video, pilots killer robots from her smartphone, which superimposes on the screen, the real world mixed with the virtual, like a pokemon go. However, the concept goes further, because the application also transcribes the actions of the first two players, who see the real world through the pass-through, on which are superimposed the robots guided from theiPhone.

sabe city 2

The title, still in the development stage, does not stop there and offers other game modes such as the saber, pistol and laser shield combat. Each player is equipped with a life bar. Everything is extremely well transcribed, whether through the Quest or on the screen of theiPhone. In addition, the application offers various settings such as enemy deployment, player and environment calibration, occlusion and light effects.

sabe city 3

The developer offers a campaign Kickstarter to support him. In the meantime, we can only welcome this initiative which, we hope, will give independent creators and studios the desire to exploit mixed reality in greater depth.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can treat yourself to a Meta Quest 2 at the house of Baker, the Fnac, Darty Where Amazon for €349.99.

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