Sabrina Ouazani and Franck Gastambide: their couple revealed without their agreement in full broadcast

This is one of the most glamorous couples in French cinema. For more than four years now, Sabrina Ouazani share the life of Franck Gastambide on the screen as in the city. Together they helped refresh the film franchise Taxi in 2018 and since then, they are inseparable. Still, they have long sought to keep their relationship a secret but things haven’t quite gone as planned. While they were still hiding this idyll, the beautiful 33-year-old actress was invited to television sets to promote her film at the time, Break.

So she goes to the show of a certain Thierry Ardissonwhich presents at the time Hello earthlings! If everything goes pretty well during the interview, the husband of Audrey Crespo-Mara ends on a rather delicate subject, namely the fact that she is still not married. She ends up saying that despite the absence of a ring on her finger, she lives with the man she loves and by trying to find out his name, the 73-year-old host passes the song Passion fruit by Francky Vincent and everyone understands that it is Franck Gastambide. Embarrassed smile from the nodding actress by his silence this information.

When we go on this style of show, we know that we will approach the subject of private life

A few months later, Sabrina Ouazani confided in TV Star on this uncomfortable sequence for her and on the question of whether she has a grudge against Thierry Ardisson, the answer is clear: “Yes. But hey, it wasn’t malicious and then when we go into this style of program, we know that we will approach the subject of private life”, relativizes the actress who is considering the possibility of having a child with her darling. Despite this unexpected revelation, Franck Gastambide’s companion tries to protect her couple as much as possible. “I don’t deny my love affair, but it belongs to us. For example, posting pictures of us holding hands and smooching is not our thing. Me, I grew up in values ​​of modesty“, she concludes.

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