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Sometimes, ups in PvP do not mean an equivalent in PvM on Dofus. The Sacrier suffers the costs with update 2.70, reducing its “full tank” aspect in fights against monsters.

Dofus 2.70: Balancing of the Sacrier

Overall, the Sacrier receives a major PvP boost. He regains “full vita” gameplay, with improvements to his elemental or utility spells. However, on Punishment and Transfusion, the pill goes poorly in PvM. The spells, with their new effects, are not at all viable and especially harm existing full tank modes. Transfusion, for example, begins to cause damage, which can trigger effects or fail successes. It’s a hard blow for the class, which seemed to come back strongly against Pandawa.

We are looking to expand the roles of the Sacrier outside of its primary damage role. The class has the potential to offer more robust tanking and placement options, which can be beneficial in both PvM and PvP. The changes aim to allow the Sacrier to compete with the Pandawa as a tank, while still maintaining its own style of gameplay. Whether in “full tank” mode or “bruiser” mode (tank and damage), these adjustments offer new equipment and strategy possibilities for Sacriers.


Changes to Sacrier utility spells

AttractionInfusion Duration: 1 => 2 rounds
Throws per turn: / => 3
By target: 1 => 2

FluctuationAP cost: 3 => 2 UP
Crown of thorns(in addition)
Applies a shield to the caster for each enemy in contact with them
Max HP in shield: 4%
Pillory(in addition)
Heals 5% when effects end
Penance(in addition)
Enemies also swap positions
No longer ignore Gravity

Inflicts Neutral damage based on remaining life
Applies the Gravity state
Sacrifices part of the caster’s life
Life sacrifice: 20%
Damage: 20% of HP
Transfusion(in addition)
Inflicts Neutral damage based on remaining life
Damage: 10% of HP
Dofus 2.70 – Sacrier utility spells

Changes to the Sacrier’s elemental paths

UnleashingBecomes the variant of Stinging Pain Neutral
DissolutionMinimum range: 1 => 0
ImmolationBecomes the variant of Nervousness
Range: 3 => 4

AversionThrows per turn: 1 => 2
AbsorptionPenalty: 100 => 150 Power
Range: 5 => 6

CarnageBecomes the variant of Decimation Neutral
NotchBecomes the variant of Fury Neutral
RavagedIncreased damage
Throws per turn: 1 => 2

Dofus 2.70 – Sacrier Elemental Spells

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