Safari on iPhone and iPad: This tool puts an end to app begging

Essentially, Safari is a full-fledged browser that can easily access Reddit, Twitter, and other major sites. Nevertheless, Safari is annoying with an app requirement if the appropriate app for the website is installed on the iPhone or iPad. A new tool helps make surfing more enjoyable.

Apple Safari: Tool ends app coercion on iPhones

If you use Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you know it all too well: If there is a suitable app on the device, the browser reports and urgently suggests prefer to open the app than the desired website display in the browser. This is noticeable, for example, with a Reddit link. If you tap on this, the browser asks whether the link should not be opened in the Reddit app.

Some users are slightly annoyed by the request, especially since the notice covers parts of the respective website. The developer Alex Zamoshchin didn’t want to accept that anymore and created a small utility called “Banish” for iPhones and iPads published, which is available immediately. The extension for the Safari browser is available for EUR 1.99.

Here is the tool “Banish”:

Banish for Safari

Alex Zamoshchin

Once installed, Banish simply prevents the “Open in App” dialog from appearing. Users are therefore no longer askedwhether they want to open the link in Safari or in the appropriate app. According to the developer, the extension will be updated regularly. A subscription model is not planned, so the extension is only paid for once (source: heise online).

These apps belong on every smartphone:

This is how Banish is installed on iPhones and iPads

the Setup of the blocker turns out to be easy. Once purchased and installed, it will open the Safari browser and then navigate to Extensions. There “Banish” can then be activated and provided with the required access rights. According to the developer, the extension does not collect any data.

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