Safe on all routes: The ideal first-aid kit for cyclists and hikers

painkillers: Tablets to be taken with active ingredients such as ibuprofen or paracetamol help with fever and pain.

Ointment and disinfection: You should have these to hand to protect against inflammation and abrasions after falls or other injuries.

Sunscreen: Depending on the skin type, sunscreen should definitely not be missing in the first-aid kit.

nasal spray: In addition to the bandages in the first aid kit, cold remedies are also practical. Nasal spray helps the mucous membranes to decongest, making further hikes with a cold much more pleasant.

Mosquito and tick repellent: In dense forests you often get to know many small insects. Protect yourself in advance with the right means and take one tweezers with to remove any ticks or splinters.

Allergy medications: If you or your children suffer from allergies, it is important to think about your medication.

If you or someone else has a serious accident that causes severe bleeding or injuries to the head and spine, call the European emergency number 112.

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