Safran: Eurodrone airborne optronics contract – 2022-11-30 at 10:30 am

( – Safran Electronics & Defense announced yesterday the signing of a contract with Leonardo for the development and supply of the very high performance airborne optronic system, Euroflir 610, for the European medium-altitude drone program and Eurodrone long endurance.

Euroflir 610 is an airborne optronic system essential to the execution of intelligence and surveillance missions of the European MALE drone.

This system ‘provides unequaled observation and designation performance, day and night, in highly degraded weather conditions thanks to the integration of a multispectral telescope, stabilization of the line of sight and precise geolocation of the target’, assures Safran. .

The start of the construction of the first prototype of the Eurodrone equipped with Euroflir 610 is planned for 2024.

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