Safran: investment in a US start-up that captures CO2

( – French aeronautical equipment manufacturer Safran announced on Thursday that it had initiated an investment in Avnos, an American start-up specializing in CO2 capture

Created in 2020, the company is at the origin of a technology which consists of capturing the CO2 contained in the ambient air via a process which makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and avoid the use of water.

This system aims to circulate air in contact with a first adsorbent material in order to extract water, then towards a second material, also adsorbent which allows carbon to be retained.

According to Safran, this technology could prove essential for the decarbonization of the aviation sector, but also for the manufacture of synthetic fuels for aviation (e-fuels) which require both CO2 and decarbonized hydrogen.

The group also announced this Thursday that it had been selected to develop, alongside Nexter, two new sights for the renovated Leclerc tank.

These sights, based on the latest optronic and inertial technologies, must allow the crew to detect, identify and target an objective several kilometers away.

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