Sagittarius full moon on May 23rd: 3 zodiac signs bring confidence and energy

Sagittarius full moon on May 23rd
3 zodiac signs it brings confidence and a real boost of energy

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On May 23rd we experience the climax of the lunar cycle again: the May full moon shines in all its splendor. You can read what it brings to the zodiac signs here.

In the last third of the merry month of May, the moon shines again in its full beauty in the night sky. So he went there on the morning of May 23rd, around 10:25 a.m Zodiac sign Sagittarius, there will be a full moon in the afternoon around 4 p.m.

The fire sign Sagittarius is known for its optimism, positive, cheerful nature, curiosity and sense of adventure. For him, there is nothing bad that cannot be turned into something good. And so this wonderful full moon strengthens exactly these properties and not only sends us lots of fresh energy, but also a good mood, confidence and a desire for new things.

Full moon invites you to try things out

Standing still is not for the enterprising shooter. Accordingly, Thursday is a good time to go out, do something fun, be active and maybe even discover new sides of yourself. The full moon energies give us courage and self-confidence to dare to do things that we might otherwise have preferred to avoid.

3 zodiac signs particularly benefit from the Sagittarius full moon on May 23rd.


Scorpio is in a good mood! Do you want to get out of the same daily routine and long for change? Then now is the right time to put new projects into action, because the full moon gives you the cosmic boost you need to break free. Now plans for the future can be made and old burdens can be left behind in order to freely and easily try new things, be it professionally or privately. You can get started now and trust that the stars will support you.


The Sagittarius fire burns particularly brightly this Thursday. How could it be otherwise, with the full moon in your own sign. It’s your day, dear Sagittarius. Highly motivated and in a wonderful mood, nothing and no one can ruin your day. You can hardly be stopped, you are heading towards your goals and sending positive vibes that are contagious. You can really achieve anything on Thursday!


A new love? Big plans for the future? A job change? Aries has had something burning under his nails for a long time and now it finally wants to be addressed and completed. The full moon gives you the courage you need to finally free yourself from what is bothering you. And don’t worry, the universe ensures a positive outcome.


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