Saint-Nazaire Baby found dead in a car: his father had forgotten to drop him off at the crèche

The macabre scenario which led to the death of a 14-month-old baby on Monday in Saint-Nazaire is becoming clearer.

The child, a boy, had been discovered at 5:30 p.m. inanimate in the car seat of the family car parked on Boulevard Wilson, at the level of the seafront, near the city center, and the firefighters had failed to revive him.

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In a press release, the public prosecutor of Saint-Nazaire, Sylvie Canovas-Lagarde, quoted by France Bleu, explains that the father forgot to drop him off at the nursery before going to work, around 8:30 am. He then went to the Saint-Nazaire hospital, where he is a caregiver.

The mother came to pick him up from the nursery

It was not until late afternoon that the alert was given when the mother, who came to the crèche, found that her baby was not there. Too late for the child, who spent nearly 10 hours in the back seat while the outside temperature reached 28 degrees. The firefighters, who intervened around 6 p.m., were unable to resuscitate him.

The prosecution opened an investigation, entrusted to the urban security brigade of Saint-Nazaire.

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