Sale / Good deal – The X-Moove Powergo Flash 15,000 external battery “4 stars” at 29.99 € (-54%)

The X-Moove Powergo Flash 15,000 external battery goes below €30 at, a drop of around 54% on the usual price. It is currently one of our best value for money for small budgets.

X-Moove specializes in external batteries and offers a whole range of models for different uses, from Rugged adventurers to Powercar for cars, via Powergo. Here we are testing the X-Moove Powergo Flash 15,000, a fairly standard battery that focuses on powering Apple’s latest MacBooks and fast smartphone charging.

X-Moove Powergo Flash 15,000

Introductory price 70 €

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Large capacity, fast charging, connectivity… the Powergo Flash 15,000 is an external battery you can count on. It justifies its dimensions by a very good autonomy. In this price spectrum, it is essential.

Strong points

  • Actual autonomy greater than that promised.
  • Very good optimization of battery size and weight.
  • Almost complete connectivity.
  • Fast charging.
  • Neat and pleasant design.

Weak points

  • Lack of Lightning port for iPhone and iPad users.


Adeqwat PC 20000mAh

Introductory price 39.99 €

Adeqwat PC 20000mAh
5 stars by LesNumé



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Sub Notes

  • Ergonomics

  • Autonomy

  • Powerful

The Adeqwat PC 20000 mAh battery proves successful. It keeps its commitments both in terms of capacity and power. It also benefits from an excellent quality/price ratio and seriously competes with the Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro.

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