Sale on the Jabra Elite 85h: a wireless headset with excellent autonomy

[Deal du jour] As part of the winter sales, Fnac is offering a reduction on the Jabra Elite 85h headphones. This wireless headset has excellent battery life and really effective active noise reduction. A helmet that will appeal to a wide audience.

What is the promotion on this Jabra wireless headset?

The Jabra Elite 85h headset retail price is €199.99. During the winter sales, it is offered on La Fnac at a price of €179.99.

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What is this Jabra Elite 85h headset?

Jabra’s active noise-canceling wireless headphones adopt a simple and sleek design, which unfortunately does not set it apart from the competition. Its compact size and its finishes give it an appreciable feeling of solidity. In addition, the Elite 85h is weather resistant. The shape memory pads are comfortable to wear and compensate for the lack of flexibility of the headband, which can be felt after prolonged listening. Without reaching the comfort of a Bose QC45, the Jabra headset is pleasant to wear and despite its lack of originality in terms of look, it will appeal to as many people as possible.

The controls are intuitive and well thought out. They are accessible on the helmet, via buttons. Volume control, track change, active noise reduction and hands-free kit are easily activated with a simple touch. The hands-free kit is of impeccable quality, even in a noisy environment. The Elite 85h connects via Bluetooth 5.0 and can connect to two devices simultaneously. A USB-C port is present to charge the headphones. Its autonomy is around 38 hours with active noise reduction and a little over 40 hours without. A 15-minute quick charge recovers almost 4 hours of listening time.

The Jabra Elite 85h has very good active noise reduction // Source: Jabra

Are the Jabra Elite 85h headphones on sale worth it?

This is an excellent deal for a complete helmet. Audio level, immersion is there. The bass is ample, followed by quality mids and highs. These are balanced and detailed. Less natural than some high-end competitors, the restitution of voice timbres is still correct. The highs can sometimes sound a little too tinny at high volume, but at normal volume the Elite 85h does a good enough job for its price bracket. The noise reduction does a very good job. Surrounding noise is attenuated just enough to avoid a feeling of isolation that is too pronounced, unpleasant for some. The insulation is effective without completely cutting off the world.

Finally, the Jabra Sound+ app accompanies the Jabra Elite 85h. You can configure many audio settings and save several profiles, depending on the place and time of listening (Punk-Rock during the subway ride, stories in ASMR before bedtime). An equalizer is also included, very practical for modifying the audio in detail.

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