Sales / Good deal – The X-Moove Powergo Flash 15,000 “4-star” external battery at € 29.99 (-55%)

The X-Moove Powergo Flash 15,000 external battery goes under € 30 at, ie a drop of around 55% on the price usually observed. This is currently one of our best value for money on a budget.

X-Moove specializes in external batteries and offers a whole range of models for different uses, from Rugged backpackers to Powercar for cars, including Powergo. Here we are testing the X-Moove Powergo Flash 15,000, a fairly classic battery that emphasizes powering Apple’s latest MacBooks and fast charging smartphones.

X-Moove Powergo Flash 15,000

Introductory price 70 €

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How the price table works

Large capacity, fast charging, connectivity … the Powergo Flash 15000 is an external battery you can count on. It justifies its dimensions by a very good autonomy. In this price spectrum, it is essential.

Strong points

  • Real autonomy greater than that promised.
  • Very good optimization of the size and weight of the battery.
  • Almost complete connectivity.
  • Fast recharge.
  • Neat and pleasant design.

Weak points

  • No Lightning port for iPhone and iPad users.

As an alternative

This EssentielB Week 10,000 mAh Power Delivery battery keeps all its promises. Compact for its capacity, it is able to quickly charge most smartphones and tablets. It’s a good investment if you’re not looking to charge a laptop as well.

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