Sales on the LG 55 C1: the cream of 4K OLED TVs, ideal for the PS5

News good plan Sales on the LG 55 C1: the cream of 4K OLED TVs, ideal for the PS5

You certainly know it if you have recently acquired a PS5 or an Xbox Series X and you are eyeing enviously on a panel capable of magnifying the quality of your next gen games. Very good news in this second markdown of the winter sales, this 55-inch LG OLED 4K TV goes from the price of €1399 to the price of €1189 at Rue du Commerce.

The 2021 LG OLED 55 C1 TV is at a very low price during the sales

Note that this good plan is not strictly speaking part of the sales, but at such a price on these merchant sites, it would be wrong to deprive yourself of it:

Buy the LG 55 C1 OLED TV for €1,189 at Rue du Commerce

  • Buy the LG 55 C1 OLED TV at €1189 at Son-Vidéo
  • Buy the LG 55 C1 OLED TV for €1,299 at Darty
  • Buy the LG 55 C1 OLED TV for €1,290 at Boulanger

First of all, on the outside, this TV has an incredible design with its curved base and very thin panel. Its 55-inch screen offers a HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro compatible OLED quality, for dynamic color management. With his 120Hz refresh rate, you have time to see the games coming that offer you a frame rate per second higher than 60fps, which is still rare, if not non-existent these days. This TV is therefore ready for the future.

With its technology self-emissive pixels and no longer backlit, the OLED can thus display striking contrasts and much deeper blacks. A more localized color management is therefore possible with this technology, which is therefore very interesting for very dark games, for example titles from From Software or Naughty Dog.

Compatible with HDR10 standards as well as Dolby Vision IQ for brightness management according to living room lighting, this TV is simply at the top in terms of image.

LG OLED55C1: the reference TV for gaming

Managing the Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync VRR technologies, this 4K TV can thus eliminate image tearing, or tearing. In addition, it will connect to your consoles with one of the 4 HDMI 2.1 ports available, specially designed for next gen consoles. Finally, we can see that LG has ostensibly thought of gamers with a dedicated menu named Game Optimizer to change your settings quickly and easily.

The immersion will thus be total with a 4K UHD TV particularly dedicated to gaming, sound level too, since it manages the Dolby Atmos reflecting sound off the ceiling and walls to create an immersive 3D effect.

Let us specify, even if it seems obvious, that with this smart tv, you can access all your favorite web content in a fluid and intuitive way thanks to its Alpha 9 Gen 4 processor. Especially since it manages personal assistants such as Alexa and the Google Assistant, for voice control.

It is therefore a 4K UHD and OLED smart TV with a large gaming component that is offered during these sales at less than €1,200. Something to delight the pupils of next gen players in this second markdown period of the winter sales.

Buy the LG 55 C1 OLED TV for €1,189 at Rue du Commerce

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