Sales: Promo on the best accessory to boost your PS4 or PS5!

News good deal Sales: Promo on the best accessory to boost your PS4 or PS5!

Often filled in no time with the purchase of games of all kinds, the hard drive of the PS4 or PS5 is generally not sufficient to comfortably enjoy the console. Fortunately, sales are here to acquire the official Playstation Seagate 2 TB external hard drive to easily store games at the best price.

Sales: 11% off the official PS4 and PS5 Seagate HDD

It’s a fact today flagship games like Apex, FIFA, Battlefield or Call of Duty easily exceed 70 GB even the 100 GB updates included on the PS4 or PS5. A basic 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive fills up easily and quickly, too quickly!

Most additional content quickly explodes the storage ceiling, and it is often necessary to invest in an extra hard drive or risk uninstalling and reinstalling the same games too often. A bit of binding data, you can imagine.

Fortunately, Seagate has officially partnered with the Playstation to offer its official Sony hard drive. This last one is compatible for PS4, PS4 Pro or PS5 and sees its price drop below 80€. Being previously at 90€, you may no longer be bothered by storage when buying this jewel.

Buy the Seagate 2 TB hard drive for €79 at Fnac

The best 2TB hard drive for consoles from Sony

The HDD can hold hundreds of titles and launch PS4 and Xbox One games directly from the device. Warning: even if the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles are compatible with HDDs, you will not be able to play Next Gen games directly on them. You will need to transfer the data to the internal hard drive of the affected consoles. Nevertheless, the writing speed of these SSDs is such that the operation will only take you a few minutes.

In a sober black with the addition of the classy Playstation logo, this HDD is specifically designed to run PS4 games on your console, PS5 included. To use it, just plug it into the console and follow the instructions. Renowned for the solidity of the products, Seagate delights by offering great ease of use or quite simply a very attractive price for 2 T.

Buy the Seagate 2 TB hard drive for €79 at Fnac

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