Sales shoot through the roof: Pfizer increases its forecast again

Sales are skyrocketing
Pfizer is increasing its forecast again

The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer continues to benefit strongly from the Covid-19 vaccine developed with its German partner Biontech. The company is raising its forecast again. Pfizer now expects sales of the Comirnaty vaccine to be $ 36 billion.

At Pfizer, sales of the Covid-19 vaccine from the US pharmaceutical company and its German partner Biontech are skyrocketing. For this year Pfizer now expects sales of the vaccine of 36 billion dollars – 7.5 percent more than before, as the company announced. This estimate is based on around 2.3 billion vaccine doses that are expected to be delivered in 2021. In total, Pfizer and Biontech want to continue producing three billion units this year.

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Pfizer has raised its sales forecast for Comirnaty vaccine several times this year. Overall, the group now expects sales of 81 to 82 billion dollars this year. Pfizer expects Comirnaty sales of $ 29 billion in 2022.

Although the company has the capacity to produce four billion vaccine doses in the coming year, it is assuming revenues from 1.7 billion doses in its forecast, it said. The prognosis could be even higher if Pfizer wraps more contracts.

Biontech had also increased its targets several times and most recently forecast sales of the vaccine of 15.9 billion euros for 2021 based on supply contracts for around 2.2 billion vaccine doses. The Mainz biotech company plans to publish its quarterly balance sheet on November 9th and will then probably also raise its forecast.

Competition has problems to contend with

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Biontech and Pfizer had received the world’s first approval for a Covid-19 vaccine at the end of 2020. Comirnaty has become one of the most widely used vaccines in the US and Europe. Its sales far exceed those of competitors Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, who are struggling with production problems and safety concerns with their corona vaccines.

The vaccine is also the only one that is recommended or approved for vaccination of adolescents in many countries. In the United States, it was also approved for use with five to eleven year olds by means of an emergency license last week.

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