Sales: The Logitech wireless keyboard only costs 24€!

News good plan Sales: The Logitech wireless keyboard only costs 24€!

Controlling your smart TV from your PC often requires unnecessary back and forth. So why not opt ​​for a wireless keyboard? With this offer on the Logitech K400+, it’s the perfect opportunity since it’s only €24 during these winter sales 2022.

The Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard is on sale at Amazon

Among the almost essential accessories to complete the purchase of your Smart TV, there is the wireless keyboard. It will allow you to navigate more easily within all the services offered on your device, without having to use your remote control at all times. We then save precious time looking for the ideal film or series on Netflix for a cozy evening, or the perfect music to accompany your evening. In addition, this keyboard has a touchpad that will save you the hassle of an additional mouse.

Buy the Logitech K400 Plus for 24 € at Amazon

To make it work, nothing could be simpler! Plug the Unifying receiver into the USB port and your touchpad keyboard is ready. You can also adjust the controls in the integrated Logitech Options software where you can also save your settings. This Logitech K400+ is built to last. The brand announces that its battery can be used for up to 18 months. An on/off button will also help you make it work longer by allowing it to save itself until the next use.

Take advantage of the $24 Logitech K 400+ wireless keyboard during the winter sales for your smart TV

The Logitech K 400+ wireless keyboard is available in two colors, for identical performance. The choice is therefore to be made solely according to your personal preferences. The original price is €44.99 and is currently reduced by 44% to €24.99. Its wireless connectivity is 10m, which will be sufficient for most uses. It is compatible with the following systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 and newer, Android 7 or newer and Chrome OS.

Small bonus, this K400 Plus is waterproof! So you should be safe if you spill a little water on it. We still advise you not to test its resistance too much, or to immerse it in water, the brand announces that it has tested a maximum effusion of 60 ml of liquid and does not tell you that it is made to be used under water .

Buy the Logitech K400 Plus for 24 € at Amazon

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