Salma Hayek: Hollywood star almost died of Covid-19

Salma Hayek
Hollywood star almost died of Covid-19

Salma Hayek at an event in Palm Springs

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Salma Hayek fell ill with Covid-19 early on during the corona pandemic. The actress almost died.

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek (54, “Frida”) nearly died after being infected with the coronavirus. She does that now in an interview with the industry magazine “Variety” for the first time publicly. Hayek had already contracted Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. She spent much of the past year recovering from the consequences.

“I’d rather die at home”

“My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because it was so bad,” explains the actress. “No thanks. I’d rather die at home,” was her answer. Hayek spent around seven weeks in isolation in a room in her house. She was also given some oxygen. Today she still does not have as much energy as before she became ill.

Meanwhile, Hayek is filming again. In April it was announced that she would appear in a supporting role in “House of Gucci” alongside Lady Gaga (35) and Adam Driver (37). The shooting was “easy” and “the perfect job to just come back in”.