Salzburg coach Jaissle – “Nobody gets special treatment”

Double winner Salzburg starts the preparation for the new season. Neo-Coach Matthias Jaissle (33) answered questions from the “Krone”. What he values ​​and how he wants to top his predecessor Jesse Marsch.

Trainer at Salzburg at the age of 33. Is this the chance of your life so far?

I see it as a challenge and an opportunity. I am grateful for the opportunity, I am happy that it starts.

You want to set new impulses in the team. How should they look specifically?

Like every coach, I have my own handwriting. I won’t turn everything upside down, but I will bring ideas. It is important to convey this as quickly as possible.

Twice the double, twice in the Champions League. How do you intend to top the success of Jesse Marsch?

I have to admit without envy how brilliantly he did his job. Now there is another major upheaval, the challenge is huge to build on the successes. The goals are the same. But we all know that it takes work and a little bit of luck.

Do you see an advantage or disadvantage in your youth?

I am convinced that it depends on the content, how you get your game idea to the team. Age does not matter.

You mentioned the upheaval. Would you like to have external players?

We are in daily contact with the club management. But we are continuing our path even more consistently. This means that we are relying on the next generation and want to develop the young talents in the best possible way.

The Argentine Nico Capaldo stands ante portas. It can be used very flexibly, where do you see it most strongly?

I am happy when the deal is done. It looks very good. In eighth position he is an asset to the team, but can also play in six or as a right defender.

The competition will be huge. Are you preparing for sleepless nights?

The nice thing about such a squad is that there are no regular places carved in stone. There should be an atmosphere that thrives on performance. Everyone can recommend it. I will definitely sleep well (laughs).

What do you attach particular importance to as a trainer?

Discipline is extremely important to me, as is motivation, respect and trust. There are rules of the game for all and no special treatment.

Swabians have a reputation for being a bit stingy. How do you deal with that?

I hear the cliché very often, but certain aspects cannot be discussed away. I come from a family where values ​​such as modesty and restraint were lived. But does one have to equate that with avarice?

You had to end your playing career at the age of 26. How long did you struggle with it?

It felt like it was much earlier, my injury misery began a few years before that. The first doctors told me that it would be difficult to remain a professional footballer. It was a shock not to be able to emulate the dream anymore. It also took some time before it was clear which direction it should go.

Who shaped you particularly?

As a person as well as a player and coach, I had so many people close by, there were great personalities, books that accompanied me – it’s a big picture that makes me who I am today.