Sam on TF1: how was the special episode of season 6 imagined without Sam (Natacha Lindinger)

Episode 5 of season 6 of “Sam”, broadcast Monday on TF1, was marked by the absence of the heroine, who had mysteriously disappeared. The producer explains to us how the idea of ​​this episode like no other was born, without Natacha Lindinger.

Sam without his heroine, this is what TF1 largely offered us on Monday with episode 5 of season 6, in which the crazy French teacher camped by Natacha Lindinger disappeared without a trace and no longer gave any sign of life to his loved ones following a night spent with Felicia (Barbara Cabrita).

And if Sam obviously ended up reappearing at the end of the episode – we then learned that she was actually in shock at the news of her brother’s death and had gone to his funeral – this very special chapter of the series, a little apart from the others, has established itself as a success that has managed to make us doubt the fate of the heroine throughout. And to create a real mystery around his absence.

This absence was not born from the desire of the production and the authors to offer a different episode, but rather from a logistical “constraint” since Natacha Lindinger had simply asked to lighten her filming schedule this season. , as explained to us by Aline Panel, the producer of Sam, to whom we also owe I promise you who will return for a season 2 in a few days on TF1.

“In this case, it was the constraint that made us creative”, says Aline Panel. “We had to release Natacha at that time and lighten her schedule. So we wondered how we were going to do it, and rather than removing her a little from each episode, we had the idea of ​​doing an episode without her. It created a much stronger dramatic stake”.

The opportunity for the writers of this season 6 in the campaign in the form of a reboot to further highlight other characters of Sam, such as Felicia, who takes an increasingly central place in the series over the episodes .


“It’s true, so we took the opportunity to give more space to Felicia in particular, because she’s a character we love and want to bring to life”, continues the producer of Sam. “In the old version of Sam, we tried year after year to give arches to Malika, to the gym teacher, but we didn’t have so much time to go to their house. Sam was infusing everything, we didn’t have time to deploy the other teachers”.

“So there, in this new version, we wanted to give more space to the other characters. Especially since we have great actors, loved by viewers. Barbara Cabrita is adored, we could see it in the reactions on social networks. Chantal Ladesou too. Obviously, it likes when we give space to these characters so we are not going to deprive ourselves and we will continue for the future “.

Season 6 of Sam ends this Monday, January 24 on TF1 with the broadcast of the last two episodes which promise to be rich in twists and turns. And for the most impatient, the entire season is already available on Salto.

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