Samba de Amigo Party Central will rock the Switch this summer

Samba by Amigo Party Central was one of the Nintendo Direct announcements that leaked on social media earlier. Sega therefore returns with a new episode for its saga of rhythm games and not a port, remaster or remake of an old opus.

Remember Joy-Con Straps When Playing Samba de Amigo Party Central

Samba and his simian friends return this summer in a game that will use the Joy-Cons of the Switch to make you mimic maracas to move in rhythm on a playlist of 40 songs from different genres like pop, EDM, Latin music and others. And in addition to following the score, there may be surprise challenges during the music.

But the experience will not be limited to that since we will also find mini-games, customization for your characters by unlocking costumes and accessories and even online play with the World Party mode which is a battle royale to see who will keep up the pace the longest.

Samba by Amigo Party Central will be released this summer on Nintendo Switch. Console exclusivity has not been confirmed but it is more than likely given the controls.

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