Samsung Galaxy Ring and Co.: Smart rings offer these advantages and disadvantages compared to a smartwatch


Smart rings are considered the fitness wearables of the future. But what advantages do such small devices offer compared to a smartwatch?

Smart rings can be a practical addition to everyday life. (Source: HoltarenkoAnhelinaBO /

  • More and more manufacturers are entering the market for smart rings, including Samsung.
  • Smart rings are a sleek and innovative way to track your health.
  • The minimalism that such rings bring with them can be an advantage, but it can also pose problems for you.

For years, people have been dreaming of replacing the recently invented smartphones with a new, better and more modern way of constant accessibility and entertainment. There are various approaches, including chips implanted in the brain or argued reality glasses. Smart rings are probably not one of the devices that can replace smartphones – rather, they are competing with another electronics category: the smartwatch.

What are smart rings and what advantages do they bring?

A smart ring is ultimately nothing more than an ordinary ring that has been equipped with additional “smart” features to be connected and collect data. In most cases, smart rings connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and are able to measure your health data such as pulse, steps or oxygen saturation using various sensors.

The rings usually have a small battery installed, which allows a runtime of a few days to several weeks – depending on the model and intensity of use. A function that no smart ring has, however, is a display or vibration motor. This means that the ring cannot draw attention to itself or even display the time or notifications, as is the case with a smartwatch. To see what data he has collected, you have to actively go to the associated app.

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Advantages and disadvantages of smart rings

And that brings us to the first advantage and disadvantage of smart rings. Because these devices don’t have a screen or anything similar, they don’t represent a distraction in everyday life. This gives you virtually all the fitness features of a regular smartwatch – but without the distraction that a smartwatch display can cause and with the compact and lightweight design of a ring. This can be particularly helpful for people who want to lead a productive lifestyle.

However, this feature is also a disadvantage because calls, notifications or even the time with such a ring can still only be accessed on the smartphone. The smart ring is therefore a passive accessory that is not a productivity tool in itself. However, such rings often cost as much as a premium smartwatch.

Limited selection, but many advantages

To stay with the disadvantages: It is important to mention that the selection of manufacturers and models of smart rings is currently still quite manageable. While there are countless different manufacturers of smartwatches that offer the devices in all sorts of colors, sizes and functionality, there are currently only two relevant and notable manufacturers of smart rings: OURA and Ultrahuman. Samsung will only enter the industry later this year with its Galaxy Ring.

One advantage of smart rings, for example, is that their form factor makes them more likely to be worn at night, which enables accurate sleep tracking. It is also assumed that the data obtained from rings generally provide more precise and accurate data about health than is the case with smartwatches due to their tighter fit and the way they are worn on the finger.

Overall, it can be said that there is legitimately a target group for smart rings – how big it is and whether it is the next trend in the fitness sector remains to be seen.

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