Samsung Galaxy S22 in downward trend: iPhone owners can laugh heartily

Technically, the Samsung Galaxy S22 product family may even be convincing, but the premium smartphone from the Korean manufacturer is currently in a downward trend in one detail. In contrast to an iPhone 13 from Apple, the cell phone loses extremely in value, and this shortly after its introduction.

Of the Maintaining the value of an iPhone is known to be a big plus, if you want to sell the mobile phone again after a year or two with as little loss as possible. The iPhone 13 will probably be no exception in the future, as the latest figures underline (source: sellcell).

Galaxy S22 vs. iPhone 13: Samsung smartphone suffers extreme depreciation

The loss in value after one and two months after the market launch was compared, not only for the iPhone, but also for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Google Pixel 6. The result is quite enlightening and confirms corresponding assumptions – Android phones are anything but an investment. On average, a Samsung Galaxy S22 loses almost half its value after two months, specifically 46.8 percent. The Google Pixel 6 is hardly better off at 41.5 percent.

The iPhone 13 is completely different – ​​only 16.4 percent depreciation speaks for itself. In short: the Samsung smartphone loses almost three times as much in value as the current Apple cell phone just two months after its market launch.

Have something technically, but are anything but an investment – the new Samsung cell phones:

curious: The iPhone 13 can even increase in value after two monthsafter one month the mobile phone lost an average of 18.7 percent, but then after two months it was able to increase again and regained its value.

Aside from the average values, a look at the individual models is quite informative. Buyers of a Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G with 128 GB of memory lose the most money. After two months, a device that is in good condition loses almost 58 percent of its value. However, the most money is still available for an iPhone 13 Pro Max with 128 GB, which only loses 3.8 percent in value after two months. Provided that the condition corresponds to that of a new device, but even in good condition there is only a risk of a loss in value of 4.7 percent.

Attention: This iPhone 13 has the lowest value retention

iPhone owners can only laugh about the free fall of the Samsung Galaxy S22, but there is one exception. If you own an iPhone 13 mini, you should hold back with gloating. After two months, it loses between 24.8 percent (256 GB) and 31.2 percent (128 GB) in value. Still better than any Galaxy S22, but anything but a safe investment.

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