Samsung Galaxy S24

Information and rumors about the next flagship from South Korea

The Galaxy S23 has only just seen the light of day when the first rumors about the successor are already circulating. Here we collect them.

Which cameras support the main sensor on the Galaxy S23 successor? (Pictured: Galaxy S23 Ultra) (Source: Netzwelt)

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S23 have already broken records in some countries. This happened, for example, in India and also in South Korea. As expected, Samsung will want to build on the success of the current flagship series with the successor Galaxy S24.

  1. When will the Galaxy S24 be released?
  2. What prices should we expect?
  3. What versions does the Galaxy S24 have?
  4. technique and appearance

    1. processor

    2. camera

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We don’t expect the Galaxy S24 until 2024 at the earliest. We’re guaranteed to find a lot of leaks and other information by the time of release. There are already a number of interesting rumors.

When will the Galaxy S24 be released?

The release is still a long way off, after all, the Galaxy S23 has only been on retail shelves and online shops since February 17, 2023. If the Galaxy S24 also uses a Qualcomm processor, it could appear earlier and be presented before Christmas.

What prices should we expect?

We can’t yet estimate how much the smartphones will cost. The price range of the predecessor goes from 949 euros for the basic version with 128 gigabytes of memory to 1,819 euros for the Galaxy S23 Ultra with one terabyte.

What versions does the Galaxy S24 have?

In recent years, Samsung has had problems with the Plus models. With the S22, only 17% of buyers have opted for a Galaxy S22+. So Samsung could do without a Plus model for the Galaxy S24.

technique and appearance


For power users with high performance requirements, a note comes in handy. According to Sammobile, the next Qualcomm processor should be more powerful than an Apple16 Bionic. This means that a Galaxy S24 with a possible high-end Snapdragon Gen 3 could perform better than a current iPhone 14 Pro.


Twitter user Ice Universe, known for leaks, sees the Ultra model of the Galaxy S24 a new sensor replacing an old one. Instead of a telephoto sensor, something else is installed. Otherwise, it should either stay with the same camera. Alternatively, only minor changes should be made to the main camera.

Note: This constantly updated article is based on leaks, analyst statements, editorial assessments and rumors, the veracity of which is difficult for us to verify from a distance. Until the formal presentation of the Galaxy S24, you should therefore view the information with a certain degree of skepticism.

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