Samsung Galaxy: You should change these settings on your cell phone immediately


Samsung’s Galaxy phones are popular. But some settings are annoying or even endanger your safety, others slow down the cell phone. You should change these options immediately.

Samsung celebrates great sales success with its Galaxy cell phones. (Source: netzwelt)

  • Samsung phones offer their own user interface called One UI.
  • This expands Android with numerous options.
  • It is not optimally configured ex works.

Samsung ships its Galaxy phones with its own user interface called One UI. This offers many improvements compared to pure Android, but is not optimally configured ex works. We’ll tell you below which options you should definitely adjust after setting up your Galaxy cell phone.

Turn off location history in Google Maps

Google Maps comes preinstalled on Android phones, including Samsung’s Galaxy phones. But did you know that when location history is activated, the app records all of your whereabouts, including the time and duration? This results in a flawless movement profile from the app. If you don’t want this, we’ll show you how you can disable Google Maps location history. In another guide, we will also show you how you can delete your activity data including location history on Google.

Activate device protection

In addition to Windows computers, Android cell phones are now a popular target for viruses and all kinds of malware. Samsung has therefore entered into a cooperation with McAfee and equips its Galaxy cell phones with a virus scanner ex works. You have to manually activate the device protection tool on your Galaxy cell phone.

Disable weekly report

Once a week, your Samsung Galaxy cell phone will tell you how often you have used it. Does this weekly report annoy you? Then simply switch it off, you have two options for this. Either you disable only the notification or the Samsung weekly report completely.

Enable remote access and offline location

With Find my Mobile, Samsung offers a way to locate a lost or stolen Galaxy cell phone. The service goes far beyond Google’s own Android service and even enables offline location, among other things. But you have to activate them first. You can find out how to do this in our guide “Samsung: How to locate your Galaxy cell phone with Find My Mobile”.

Disable animations

Does your Galaxy cell phone work too slowly for you? Then an old Windows trick can help. Samsung allows animations that are played when opening and closing apps, for example, to be deactivated. This saves resources and the mobile phone feels faster. Feel free to try it. In a separate guide, we’ll show you how to disable animations on your Samsung phone.

More memory

With the update to Android 12, Samsung introduced the “RAM Plus” option on many phones. You can use it to turn unused device memory into working memory. Especially on cheap Galaxy cell phones, this measure can bring a small speed boost. This is how you adjust RAM Plus.

Activate battery protection

If you charge your cell phone overnight, you should activate the battery protection. This significantly extends the life of the battery. We’ll tell you how to turn on the optional “Battery Protection” feature on your Galaxy cell phone.

Tip: By the way, did you know that Samsung offers you a diagnostic tool that you can use to check the condition of your battery.

Turn off the cell phone with the power switch

Samsung is breaking a habit with its Galaxy phones. So far, all you have to do is long-press the power button to turn off the phone. But this procedure now opens the voice assistant Bixby instead. If you don’t want to get used to it, you can find out from us how you can switch off your Samsung cell phone as usual.

Replace Bixby with Google Assistant

Samsung cell phones come with their own language assistant, Bixby, but this can be deactivated or, if you’re more of a fan of the Google Assistant, replaced directly with it. In the linked instructions we show you the necessary steps.

Disable accidental touch protection

If your Galaxy cell phone is in your pocket without a lock, an algorithm should recognize this and prevent you from accidentally making calls by touching it. However, the protection against accidental touches often causes problems when unlocking the cell phone because it is set too sensitively. But that can be fixed. How? We explain that to you in the linked instructions.

Block spam calls

Spam calls are increasing. For example, many of you are currently receiving calls from the Federal Police Department. What you may not know is that your Galaxy cell phone offers integrated spam protection with Smart Call, but it is deactivated ex works. We’ll tell you how to turn on Smart Call.

Empty the recycle bin or switch off directly

The memory of your Galaxy cell phone is full, you then delete numerous pictures – but you still don’t get the storage space back? The recordings are probably still in the recycle bin. We’ll tell you how you empty it on Galaxy phones or turn it off directly.

Disable Samsung Free

Samsung Free is a separate start screen that bundles Samsung news and its own offers. You can reach it with a swipe to the left. If you don’t use the area, you can switch it off: This is how you deactivate Samsung Free.

Enable clipboard warning

The clipboard can be a potential security vulnerability on Android smartphones. Samsung offers you a warning function on newer devices that alerts you as soon as the clipboard is accessed, so you can activate the clipboard warning.

Disable Samsung Pay

Do you use Google Pay instead of Samsung Pay? Then you probably want to ban Samsung’s payment service from your cell phone. But that is not easily possible. But we will show you how you can at least deactivate Samsung Pay.

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