Samsung is crushing the global smartphone market, and these new numbers prove it


Samir Rahmoune

September 22, 2023 at 11:30 a.m.


Samsung Galaxy S23 family © © Samsung

© Samsung

Samsung is the brand that sells, by far, the most smartphones across the planet.

In the field of smartphones, there are two brands that occupy the entire collective imagination. On the one hand, we have Apple, the bitten apple brought into the world by the legendary Steve Jobs and which absolutely crushes the high-end sector. On the other, obviously, we find Samsung, present in all niches, from the very high-end folding smartphone to the small inexpensive phone, and which therefore offers something for all tastes. Which ensures worldwide success!

Half the planet!

If you are asked which brand is most present across the planet, it is almost certain that you will answer “Samsung”. And you would be right. But do you know how iconic the South Korean giant is? Well, thanks to a study just released Electronics Hubwe can finally put precise figures on this trend.

Thus, Samsung would be the number 1 seller in simply 95 countries, out of 171 nations tested (the UN recognizes 195 in total). We can therefore say without trembling that the South Korean manufacturer is the leader in half of the countries in the world! Behind, Apple ranks second, being number 1 in 51 territories, followed by Chinese brands, gold medals in 25 nations.

smartphone market shares © © Electronics Hub

© Electronics Hub

More Fiji than China

Funnily enough, the country where Samsung is the most dominant is not South Korea (with 60.1% market share), but the Fiji Islands (74%), then Somalia (71%). The other interesting figure is to be found in Asia. If Samsung maintains a good market share in almost all countries in the world, whether it is first or not, there remains a notable exception to this trend: China.

In fact, the manufacturer only represents 1.78% of sales. Apple, for abroad, and Huawei, for local, are the dominant players. Finally, we can also observe a geographical and economic dividing line between Apple and Samsung. The first is generally the leading seller of smartphones in the richest countries, while the second takes this position in the countries of the Global South.

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