Samsung Pay stopped working? That’s really what’s behind it

Samsung is actually not known for restricting its hardware – at least not as much as Apple. But that could change in the future if Samsung tries to copy Apple’s ecosystem. There was a bug with Samsung Pay that suggested this assumption. We asked Samsung and can give the all-clear.

Samsung Pay now only works on Galaxy devices

Update from June 22, 2022: We asked Samsung whether the restriction of Samsung Pay is really planned. That’s not the case. It was a bug that has since been fixed. In plain language, this means that Samsung Pay will continue to work on non-Samsung Android smartphones. Accordingly, you can continue to pay for it with the Galaxy Watch.

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Many users have a problem. Samsung Pay suddenly stopped working properly. There are numerous complaints on Reddit and in the Samsung forum that the payment function no longer works. An error message appears that the ID is no longer valid. According to SamMobile, there’s a reason for this: Samsung Pay now only works on Samsung devices. If this limitation really comes true, countless people who bought a Samsung smartwatch but don’t own a Samsung phone could face a real problem.

Even now, blood pressure measurement and an ECG can only be created on newer Samsung smartwatches if you have a Samsung cell phone. The app required for this cannot be installed on smartphones from other manufacturers. This is exactly what is now threatening with Samsung Pay. So far, installing Samsung Pay on any Android phone has not been a problem at all and to verify yourself. That’s suddenly no longer possible.

Anyone who now believes it was a mistake could be disappointed. According to 9to5Google, a Samsung support staff confirmed learned that Samsung Pay no longer works on all Android phones, but only on Samsung ones.

What makes the Samsung smartwatches so special:

What does that mean for you now?

For example, if you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and a Xiaomi cell phone, Samsung Pay could stop working in the foreseeable future. There is still no official report on this and Germany does not seem to be affected yet. If the statements of the Samsung employee are confirmed, that would of course be a sign that Samsung is further isolating itself.

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