Samsung presents a new tablet: This retailer is offering a 180 euro discount at the market launch


Samsung is re-issuing the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite for the second time. The 2024 version is now available. At the market launch you can get the tablet from Proshop for up to 180 euros cheaper.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite will be released in the 2024 version these days. (Source: Samsung)

In 2020, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite as a cheap alternative to the premium model Galaxy Tab S6. The cheap tablet was so popular, the Samsung 2022 instead of a Tab S8 Lite, the Tab S6 Lite simply released a new version. In 2024, the South Korean manufacturer will repeat the game and bring a new edition of the Tab S6 Lite onto the market.

This will be available in stores from March 28th and the online shop Proshop is already offering a huge discount on the new tablet. When you buy the WiFi or LTE version you can save up to 180 euros.

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Offer raises questions

However, it remains unclear whether the “normal price” quoted by Proshop is Samsung’s recommended retail price. In its press release for the market launch, Samsung does not yet mention any prices for the Tab S6 Lite (2024). Other retailers have not yet listed the tablet either.

This makes it difficult to estimate how good Proshop’s offering really is. Since it’s still valid until April 14th, you can probably wait a few days and see what prices other retailers are selling the tablet at.

What does the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2024) have to offer? Samsung packs a 10.4-inch screen into a slim aluminum housing. Thanks to the included S-Pen control pen, you should be able to use the tablet not only for entertainment, but also for work.

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