Samsung surprises cell phone owners: Old smartphone gets brand new software update

Actually, the update guarantee only applies to newer Samsung smartphones. But the company proves again that there is no really hard limit. An almost four-year-old Galaxy smartphone is now provided with the latest software and can therefore be used a little longer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gets May update

If you buy a new Samsung cell phone, you now get a five-year update guarantee. For some time now, Samsung has also been providing older models with updates that shouldn’t even be getting new software versions. This time it hits the Galaxy Note 9, which I also own. The smartphone is almost four years old, but it’s still in good shape and was popular at the time, so I’m sure many people still use it. Now it gets the May update (source: SamMobile).

The new software update will be rolled out in Germany with immediate effect. So if you still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can install the May update directly in this country. The rollout is also being carried out in waves, but it should actually be relatively quick so that you are up to date again. The new update fixes many security vulnerabilities that have surfaced in recent months. You can then do security-related things like online banking again.

The Note series lives on in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra:

How long will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 be supported?

Actually, the Galaxy Note 9 shouldn’t have received any more updates. However, Samsung has already proven in the past that the company is open to simply distributing updates, even if the devices are outdated. If many people continue to use an old smartphone, Samsung can make it safe again. So there could still be updates for the Galaxy Note 9, but nobody can guarantee that. If you want to switch, you should take a look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra (for testing). There the S Pen can be stowed back in the housing.

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