Samsung TV case: checks are in progress

Last Friday we were discussing an issue with Samsung TVs. The latter detect the test patterns displayed by the Calman software in order to modify the rendering of the image. We made a mistake during the tests, and we will therefore restart the measurements.

It was Vincent Teoh of who, last April, discovered the first of the rather strange results measured on the Samsung S95 TV – the brand’s first QD-Oled model. The latter displayed higher brightness on a custom sized window to produce a brighter on-screen rendering. This was done at the cost of a little less good color fidelity… a hitherto unprecedented behavior. These strange results were corroborated by our colleagues at FlatpanelsHD when testing another Samsung television — the Neo Qled QE65QN95B — at the beginning of June, except that this television also took the opportunity to increase the brightness enormously on a standard window for reach 2300 cd/m², compared to only 1300 cd/m² with a custom window size.

We have also started testing on Samsung’s Mini-Led TV (QN95B) with the latest firmware. We had also seen some unusual behavior. However, we made an error that could distort the measurements while performing our tests. We have therefore unpublished the article in question in order to relaunch a battery of tests. We are unfortunately in the middle of moving the premises, which complicates the situation a little, but we will quickly come back to this file during the week.

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