Samsung weakened by the drop in smartphone sales in Europe

While the upcoming release of the Galaxy S24 should allow Samsung to establish its leading position in the smartphone market, the year 2023 seems to have been disappointing for the Korean manufacturer.

This is even more obvious in Europe, according to a report from Counterpoint Research devoted to the third quarter of 2023. If Samsung remains in the lead with 32% of market share at the European level, the trend is downward with a decline in shipments of approximately -15% compared to 2022 over the same period.

A trend that is also seen on a global scale. If Samsung is also in first place with 20% market share, its smartphone sales decreased by 13% compared to the third quarter of 2022.

This reality can be explained by the ever-increasing price of smartphones, but also by an awareness among consumers who want to keep their phone as long as possible. Counterpoint Research predicts 2023 “at its lowest level in a decade, largely due to a change in device replacement habits, particularly in developed markets.”

In order to regain color, smartphone brands will therefore have to rely on developing countries.

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