Samsung will put a very large fingerprint reader under the screen of its Galaxy S23 Ultra

Thibaut Popelier

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August 19, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra test © © Pierre Crochart for Clubic

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ©Clubic

The next smartphones from Samsung are pointing the tip of their noses, and rumors are starting to fly in all directions. This weekend, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the talk of the town!

Indeed, a major improvement should be made to the phone’s fingerprint sensor.

Major changes to expect

So far, we have only gotten snippets of information regarding the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup. A 200 MP sensor could thus be on the menu, and the South Korean firm seems on the verge of abandoning its Exynos processor in favor of Qualcomm. This true 180° turn should also be accompanied by another most interesting addition for the user.

Because, if the fingerprint sensors are extremely practical, they can also be a bit capricious. Placed under the screen of our smartphones, they generally occupy only a very small surface of the slab. It is therefore quick to type on the side, or even to be refused when unlocking because of a dirty or wet thumb. Fortunately, a little “new” came to correct these few imperfections.

Revolution or simple gadget?

Present on the vivo X80 Pro, the 3D Sonic Max sensor is a game-changer. In particular, it has a larger reading surface for the fingerprint while offering better responsiveness. Moreover, it is also able to recognize up to two fingers at the same time for optimal security. Well, it is precisely this ultrasonic sensor signed Qualcomm (yes again!) which could be invited on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Despite its many faculties, the Sonic Max 3D fingerprint reader has not yet been used often by smartphone manufacturers. The fault of logically higher production costs. Samsung could therefore take the plunge next year with its Galaxy S23 Ultra. We do not know if the other models in the range will be entitled to this novelty or not.

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