Samsung would not increase the base storage of its Galaxy S23

The release of the future Galaxy S23 is getting closer and the information concerning the technical sheet of these ultra high-end mobiles is becoming clearer. According to the latest rumors peddled by the SamMobile site, the Galaxy S23 and S23+ would not increase the storage volume offered by default, still offering 128 GB on the basic versions.

128 GB on top of the range in 2023

In a tweet posted on January 1, 2023, a source claimed that the next phones from the Korean manufacturer will offer 256 GB of storage by default, doubling the amount offered by the S22. Unfortunately, people interviewed by SamMobile seem to give little credence to this rumour, with the site claiming that a basic version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage will indeed be available.

Samsung would therefore follow in the footsteps of Apple, which also offers its iPhone 14 in a 128 GB version by default. However, the Korean manufacturer could legitimately have made this increase in storage a real marketing argument. With a 200MP sensor, 8K video recordings and 5G compatibility, the phone’s memory could be stretched, whether by user-created content or downloaded from the web. If we add the 15 GB and some occupied by the Android system partition, the 128 GB of storage may seem skinny for an ultra high-end mobile.

A way to keep prices low

Samsung is probably looking to maintain its 128 GB model to offer a more affordable entry price; However, if the base model costs between €800 and €900 like its predecessor, the pill may be harder to swallow since €200 cheaper phones – like the Pixel 7 – also offer 128 GB of storage. Of course, 256 GB and more versions also seem to be in preparation, with some models also shipping 12 GB of RAM.

Samsung’s decision will no doubt disappoint the most storage-hungry users; however, if you don’t keep your whole life on your phone, 128GB should be enough.

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