Samsung would offer a 200 MP telephoto lens on smartphones and that changes everything

Samsung says its 200 MP photo sensor technology is ready to be integrated into a smartphone telephoto lens. An announcement that could change a lot of things in the world of mobile photography. We’ll explain it to you.

Credits: Samsung

Ask around what people look for when they consider buying a new smartphone. Many will tell you that it must “take good photos”. This aspect has become so important over the years that it is often what makes the difference between different mobile models, more than raw power or autonomy for example. And for quality shots, you need a high-performance sensor.

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On this side, Samsung is doing very well with its ISOCELL HP 2 sensor, which equips the Galaxy S23 Ultra. With its 200 Megapixels, it ensures very detailed shots. However, it is the main sensor of the camera, so it is not used for every photo you take. This could soon change as Samsung explains that its 200 MP sensor is ready to be integrated into smartphone telephoto lenses. What does it change ? Several things, and for the better.

Samsung’s 200 MP photo sensor could become a telephoto lens, a small revolution

When you take a landscape photoit is generally the telephoto lens which starts up. On the other hand, when you want to make a portraitthe smartphone will very often use the wide-angle main sensor. As the latter has a short focal length, 24mm in general, this results in distorted lines. A telephoto lens has a longer focal length, which greatly reduces this distortion effect. But he also has a very lower definition to the main sensor. 10 MP for that of the S23 Ultra For example. This is where we arrive at 200MP takes all its interest: the portraits would be faithful to reality and very detailed. The example below is telling.

Samsung anti-distortion telephoto lens
Credits: Samsung

The other advantage of a 200 MP telephoto lens, it is the ability to zoom without losing quality. By imagining such a sensor with a x3 optical zoom for example, this means that you could zoom up to 12x without drop. Samsung therefore wants to make the telephoto lens, often considered secondary, a real complement to the main sensor. Thus armed, our smartphone would become a increasingly serious competitor to dedicated devices in everyday photography. Just wait for the first models of this kind.

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