Samsung’s return to connected bracelets seems imminent

After three years without a connected bracelet, the Galaxy Fit 3 would mark Samsung’s big return to this market. It has already been certified by the consortium in charge of Bluetooth.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 bracelet for illustration // Source: The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 bracelet for illustration

For more than two months, rumors have been persistent about a new connected bracelet in preparation at Samsung, the Galaxy Fit 3. It must be said that it has been three years since the Korean manufacturer launched a health tracker aside from its Galaxy Watches.

Now, after visuals posted online by Windows Reportcertification in the United States or Samsung’s program for its watches, headphones and bracelets next year, it is the turn of the Bluetooth SIG consortium to confirm the existence of the device.

As reported by the site Android Authority, the consortium in charge of the Bluetooth standard, the Bluetooth SIG, has in fact certified the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. We can therefore find some information about it on the dedicated page on the organization’s website, published on December 8 . Enough to inform us in particular that the device will be sold under the name of “ Galaxy Fit3 », that it will benefit from the model number SM-R390 and that it will be compatible with the Bluetooth standard in version 5.3.

The model number indicated by the Bluetooth SIG also corresponds to that of the device already certified by the FCC in the United States. Remember that the Galaxy Fit 2, launched in 2020, was known under the nickname SM-R220.

A much larger screen than the previous version

According to various rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 connected bracelet should benefit from a much larger screen than the previous generation, almost approaching a connected watch with a square screen, like what can now be offered Xiaomi or Huawei. Concretely, we should be entitled to a 1.1 inch diagonal Oled screen, for a definition of 294 x 126 pixels.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3
The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 // Source: Windows Report / Tirachard Kumtanom via Pexels

The Galaxy Fit 3 would also be equipped with a much lighter operating system than Wear OS – which equips the Galaxy Watch 6 or Galaxy Watch 5 – without the possibility of installing third-party applications. The bracelet would thus be essentially oriented towards sport and health with a count of the number of steps, measurement of heart rate or sleep monitoring.

It is still unclear when the Samsung bracelet will be launched. However, if certifications start to multiply, this seems to indicate an imminent launch, as suggestedAndroid Authority: “Bluetooth SIG listings are always close to the release date. It is therefore reasonable to think that the Galaxy Fit 3 will be launched in the coming weeks or months“.

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