Samuel + Sarah Koch: Their greatest wish is to have a child together

Samuel + Sarah Koch
A baby? “We would definitely be happy!”

Samuel and Sarah Koch

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The love between them has been burning brightly for ten years and now they are ready for the next step – if fate is kind to them. Samuel and Sarah Koch now not only write children’s books together. The couple could also imagine reading it to their own children at some point.

On the set of the ARD series “Sturm der Liebe” in 2014 it was between Samuel Koch, 36, and his current wife Sarah, 38. Since then, the actor couple has been inseparable. The two have now found a project close to their hearts: three years ago they published the first book in their series “The Cuddly Toy Commando”. Now she is publishing the third one – and making children’s hearts happy. As they now reveal, becoming parents themselves is an ardent wish.

Samuel and Sarah Koch would be happy to receive “the most beautiful gift in life”.

When Samuel Koch appeared in the ZDF show “Wetten,dass..?” in 2010. When he set out to somersault over five cars driving towards him, he had no idea how his life would change in such a short space of time. The acting student at the time had a serious fall and has been paralyzed ever since. A leaden shadow initially fell over the young man’s life. But he fought his way back into a largely self-determined life, realized his dream of acting, got involved in social projects, married the woman of his dreams and now writes with her for, among other things, the most grateful audience, the little ones.

It’s no secret that they would like to become parents themselves. “For us, having a child is still the most beautiful gift in life,” Sarah confirms her desire for parenthood in an interview with “Bunte”. “But it’s also a miracle. Not something you just ‘get’ when you walk into the supermarket. If we were lucky enough to experience this miracle ourselves, we would definitely be very happy.”

The actress has an idea of ​​what she could be like as a parent, even if it’s just a vague guess: “I’ve often asked myself that. When I watch children running around on the playground, I always catch myself doing that Thoughts: ‘Oh my God, this is dangerous!’ But it does mean that you become more relaxed with your own children… We always joke: “We’re tough. Our child goes to ballet school at the age of two and has to do everything that his mother didn’t do,” she explains with a smile Samuel jokingly reprimands her: “I don’t know if you should say that in an interview.” Then Sarah: “That’s right, of course she’ll go to ballet boarding school with one.” A wonderful exchange of blows between two people who are undoubtedly on the same wavelength.

Between calm and fear

“The grain of truth behind it is that we are both very ambitious by nature,” Samuel then continues a little more seriously. “Sarah once did artistic gymnastics, I did gymnastics for 20 years. And over the years I’ve noticed that the discipline we learned there prepared us for the hardships of life – better than any school lessons.” His mixed conclusion: “I therefore fear that I would be a father who would not be overprotective of his children. And at the same time, due to my accident, I have lost my basic trust in the good, this ‘God will see that nothing happens’. I I think that would make me a fearful father too.”

In an interview with, however, Samuel makes it clear that he actually already has the solution to this misery in his children’s book series: “‘The Cuddly Toy Command’ has (…) a common thread: namely love. I have a lot deals with neurobiology. Even brain research says: The opposite of fear is love. That’s a refreshing statement.

Sarah can only agree with this: “We really wanted to convey that love wins in the end. In doing so, we are essentially referencing “The Song of Songs of Love” – ​​Samuel grew up very Christian. Our message is: If you can overcome fear with love Go, you’re strong!”

A beautiful maxim that has probably already shown the couple the right path in darker times, and that may also accompany them through the adventure of parenthood at some point in the near future.

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