Samurai Maiden: a high school girl to the rescue of feudal Japan

Developed by Shade, a studio that knows its audience well (Kandagawa Jet Girls, Bullet Girls Phantasia, Gun Gun Pixies), Samurai Maiden is an action game centered on the adventures of Tsumugi Tamaori, a modern student summoned in the middle of the Sengoku period, more exactly in 1582, when she quietly took a nap during history lessons. In this distant but familiar past, new comrades are waiting for him to fight the armies of shadow that have appeared near the Honnô-ji temple. Four heroines who will take all the light even if a male manages to float in the person of good old Oda Nobunaga, for which D3 Publisher has even called on the stamp of actor Takaya Kuroda (Kazuma Kiryu).

If he often plays the role of the antagonist, Oda will also give a special sword to Tsumugi to allow him to face this threat from elsewhere. Luckily, Tsumugi wields the katana like no other and can count on Iyo, Hagane and Komimi, three ninja women with whom the current will obviously pass quickly. It will also be necessary to combine the talent of Tsumugi and the capacities of his partners to clear a path thanks to the Gokage System, which apparently includes the ability to boost each other by kissing. Featuring characters drawn by Miwano Rag, Samurai Maiden is aiming for a worldwide release later this year on PS5, PS4, Switch and Steam. The game will be localized into English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

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