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Sandra Kuhn: "Eye shredded" after balloon error!

What happened to Sandra Kuhn? The RTL presenter appeared on Instagram in an unusual manner: In the stories, she suddenly wore a black eye patch on the weekend!

Unfortunately, hasty carnival associations of her fans had to be quickly broken up by Sandra Kuhn. The reason for the eye patch was actually a serious one: It had "torn the eye", as she said on Instagram.

Sandra Kuhn: Balloon in the face explodes

Above all, there is a warning behind the pictures: As is well known, most accidents happen in the home. The exclusive presenter now had to experience this for herself: Actually, she only wanted to blow up a balloon. But then he "exploded in the face".

Then it becomes clear what force can be in such a balloon: Sandra Kuhn was in severe pain, and she was completely numb on one side. Her mother is said to have taken her to an ophthalmologist. He made the terrifying diagnosis: The mini-explosion had even caused a tear in the cornea! Now it is time to protect the eye.

Nevertheless, there is an all-clear: the corneal tear should heal under the eye patch and leave no consequences. Neither the iris nor the moderator's eyesight had been damaged. Blessing in disguise!

We can learn from the accident above all in the future – and only blow up balloons carefully or use an air pump with sufficient clearance. Get well soon!

Who is Sandra Kuhn?

  • Sandra Kuhn is a German television presenter

  • She was born on December 22, 1981 in Düsseldorf

  • Sandra Kuhn has been moderating at RTL since 2002, and the program “Explosiv – Das Magazin” since 2017

  • With her husband, journalist Kristof Kuhn, Sandra has two children who were born in 2018 and 2019

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