Sandra Kuhn: insulted as a bad mother!

The road to children's happiness was long. Sandra Kuhn tried to get pregnant for several years. Then suddenly: She becomes a mother of two within two years. First daughter Leni (1) was born and six months later son Carl Leo was on the road. Happiness seems perfect. Now – three months after the birth of her second child – Sandra is again in front of the camera. A shock to many mothers. In an interview with B.Z. she now speaks openly about children and careers – and how she deals with other mothers' shitstorms.

"For God's sake, what are you doing to yourself!"

Yes, it was definitely exhausting – children and careers. After all, their little ones are only 14 months apart. "Two baby children and two bottle children", she describes in the interview. "Everyone said to me beforehand: 'For God's sake, what are you doing to yourself!' And I always said: 'Yes, yes, first look …'. ”

But it seems to be working quite well, because she is currently in her first week of moderation. Her husband also works for "Guten Morgen Deutschland". At that time he said to her: She should go to work when she wants to go back. "With us it is not the case that only the man is allowed to work and the woman has to be at home for years. That is also very antiquated," reveals Sandra. Nevertheless, there are many "super-mothers" who insult them. Sandra was a bad mother because she was already working again – even though it was only five days a month.

"I block some people."

How she deals with the Shitstorm is radical and absolutely remarkable. In the interview, she explains: "I block some people who become insolent. But I don't feel like justifying myself. I accept every opinion. I also accept mothers who say: I stay at home for three years now. No problem "But for me it is nothing. Even if I wanted children endlessly. I need variety, get new energy from it. And then I have power again!"

There is no such thing as the golden rule of education. Everyone has a different way of raising their children. The only important thing is to respect and support each other. Therefore: keep going, dear Sandra!

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