sandwich bread with pieces of glass


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A product recall of certain brands of sandwich bread has been launched due to the presence of pieces of glass in the bags. An ingredient that obviously has no place in your sandwich.

Since the start of the summer, several brands and retailers have been forced to withdraw their products from sale. Presence of listeria bacteria, ethylene oxide or patulin, consumer confidence in the safety of food products is somewhat impacted, and it is not this new recall that will improve the situation.

Distributors Netto and Intermarché sounded the alarm on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 and all geographic areas of France are concerned. Some ranges of sandwich bread carry a potential risk of containing broken glass in the product.

Recall Conso has published the descriptive sheets for the three recalled products. So the sandwich breads “Just’mie complete” of the Netto brand, “Grand crumb 7 cereals” and “7-grain crumb heart” of the Chabrior brand should no longer be consumed. So open your cupboards and take the time to analyze the product sheet above, if you don’t want to hurt yourself.

By examining the lot number, the barcode number or even the date of minimum durability of each product (sometimes different from the best before date) which can be entered as “month / year”, you will be informed. e the status of your sandwich bread: good to eat or to put aside.

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The risks of drinking glass

The government site Recall Conso simply advises, if it is concerned by the problem, to bring the sandwich bread to the point of sale or to destroy it. If you felt the urge to bite into a toast anyway, you could put yourself in danger: risk of injury to the mouth, side effects after ingestion … So stay vigilant!

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