“Sankt Maik”: This is the series finale

“Saint Maik”
This is how the series finale will be

Daniel Donskoy becomes “Pastor Sanmann” for the last time.

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Daniel Donskoy will cause unrest one last time as “Pastor Sanmann”. This is what fans can expect at the series finale of “Sankt Maik”.

Daniel Donskoy (31) has to say goodbye to his role as con artist Maik Schäfer alias “Pastor Sanmann”. With the third season, the RTL series “Sankt Maik” comes to an end. The station shows four episodes in a row on August 19 and 26 (since August 1 via TVNow). What can viewers expect at the series finale?

In Läuterberg, the signs are not good for Maik. After police officer Eva Hellwarth (Bettina Burchard) has exposed him, he has to regain her trust. An old friend from Berlin gets in his way and gets him out of prison: Katja Marusic (Karolina Lodyga), the sister of the late gang boss Jurek, blackmails him. She wants to make Maik’s brother Kevin disappear if the church does not serve as a hub for her drug deals. Maik wants to take action against Katja’s machinations together with Eva. But will he be able to convince the policewoman?

Daniel Donskoy: “‘Sankt Maik’ was the beginning for me”

“I am very happy to have started my acting career in Germany with ‘Sankt Maik’. So I am all the more pleased that Maik and the main characters of the series as well as the audience get the end they deserve,” explained lead actor Daniel Donskoy in a statement. “Sankt Maik” was the beginning for him and he is now looking forward to all the challenges and projects that lie ahead of him.

At his side, he will be celebrating farewell: Bettina Burchard (“Soko Leipzig”), Susi Banzhaf (“Der Zürich-Krimi”), Vincent Krüger (“GZSZ”), Marie Burchard (“Klassentreffen 1.0”) and Michael Raphael Klein ( “A Summer in Oxford”). Newcomers include Roland Wolf (“Tatort”), David Bredin (“The Mopes”) and Karolina Lodyga (“4 Blocks”) for the final.