Sarah and Dominic Harrison: They announce move to Dubai


YouTubers Sarah and Dominic Harrison will move to Dubai with their two daughters. The couple announced in a new video.

Sarah (29) and Dominic Harrison (29) didn't want their fans to be tortured any longer: The YouTuber couple announced in their latest video that they wanted to emigrate to Dubai with their two daughters.

From now on, the couple want to take their fans with them in the next steps. "The current situation makes everything a little more difficult, but on the other hand we also have a few advantages," explains Sarah Harrison about her move plans in the corona pandemic. "It can be done and we want to see it through," adds her husband. The video clearly shows that the two are clearly serious: The couple shows a stack of moving boxes that have already been packed. The couple wanted to reveal the exact motives for leaving Germany in a separate video.

Sarah and Dominic Harrison married a few days before the birth of their first daughter Mia Rose at the end of November 2017. At the end of July 2020, daughter Kyla was born.