Sarah Connor: Big concern about concerts

The current situation worries Sarah Connors fans. Many concerts and events have recently been canceled due to the corona virus. The risk is too great to spread the virus more. No wonder that many Sarah fans now expect their summer tour to be canceled – even if there is still something left until the start in May.

Horse kiss

In addition to many "Awwws" and "Ohhhs", there are also worried comments on the latest picture of Sarah Connor on Instagram. On International Women's Day, the singer posted a picture of herself cuddling with a cute foal and giving him a kiss on the nose. The followers are enthusiastic and can no longer get out of the rapture. Nevertheless, there is one question in particular mixed between the comments: will their concerts be canceled in the summer?

Connor crisis due to corona crisis

"Hello Sarah may I ask you something? Summer was / is also heart-sick, how do you see the Corona? I'm heart-sick myself and I'm really getting scared …" a fan asks. "I think if if the tour is canceled, a world will collapse, "writes another. Yes, the fans are panicking. So far everything seems to be in the green. Neither Sarah nor her management have spoken of a concert cancellation so far. Only two weeks ago, 39-year-old posted the tour plan and advertised additional concerts. So dear fans, inhale calmly and exhale slowly. All good!

Sarah Connor: Facts & Figures

  • Sarah Connor is a German singer
  • She was born on June 13, 1980 in Hamburg
  • Sarah Connor became known in 2001 for her hits "Let's Get Back to Bed – Boy" and "From Sarah With Love"

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