Sarah Connor: rare photo! She shows up with her 16-year-old son


Moments when you feel old: when your favorite youth series has reached retro status. When the children's books celebrate their anniversary. When Sarah Connor holds her almost grown son in her arms.

Sarah Connors son celebrates birthday!

He is now 16 years old. And we feel like the shrunken great aunt at the family celebration, who can't help but pause for a moment and be amazed: "But he grew up!"


Yes, Sarah Connor's child has long ceased to be a baby, but has almost grown up. For Tyler Terenzi's 16th birthday, the singer now shared a loving mom-son picture. And Sarah Connor doesn't seem to understand how quickly Tyler grew up:

My (little) big boy !!! 😭😭😭 You are my pride and joy, my life! And don't forget, I'll always be the first woman to ever fall in love with you ❤️❤️😈 Happy Birthday Ty Guy! I love you more than all the stars! ✨✨✨✨✨

Tyler Terenzi shares first Instagram post

Well, you can hear a little sadness right away. Every mother can surely understand that when the child flags. And Tyler himself has already fulfilled a small birthday wish – he can now finally maintain an Instagram account. He promptly filled it with a photo of himself and his mom:

In just a few hours, Sarah Connor's son has already reached over 17,000 followers on Instagram – with just two posts. And there too congratulations in the comments, together with the striking insight: "Oh God, I still remember when you were born. Insane how time flies".

Sarah Connor: Facts & Figures

  • Sarah Connor is a German singer

  • She was born on June 13, 1980 in Hamburg

  • Sarah Connor became known in 2001 for her hits "Let's Get Back to Bed – Boy" and "From Sarah With Love"

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