Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi: New surname for son Alessio

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi
New surname for son Alessio

Alessio’s surname is no longer just Lombardi.

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After the wedding of his mother Sarah Engels, son Alessio also got a new surname. And what does Papa Pietro Lombardi say about it?

Musician Sarah Lombardi (28) and professional soccer player Julian Büscher (28) tied the knot at the weekend and have been called Sarah and Julian Engels ever since. But not only the two have adopted their maiden name. Her son from her first marriage to musician Pietro Lombardi (28), Alessio Lombardi (born 2015), has also got a new surname.

“It was important to her that Alessio also has the name Engels in his surname, it was important to me that Alessio continues to have Lombardi as his surname first, because he is a born Lombardi and he will remain so”, explains Papa Pietro “” the heart’s desires of both parents. She then accepted that, he continues and adds: “We decide everything that concerns Alessio together.” So her son should now be called Alessio Lombardi-Engels.

Pietro Lombardi then said about his ex-wife’s name change: “It’s all good. She remarried and it would have been really strange for her new husband Julian if Sarah had continued to carry the Lombardi name.”

Sarah Engels was married to Pietro Lombardi from 2013 to 2019. The separation took place in 2016. In 2015, their son Alessio was born. The newly married couple Engels have been in a relationship since December 2019. The engagement became known in November 2020.


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