Sarah Harrison: “Something wild”! Kyla’s baptism had its pitfalls

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Sarah Harrison experienced all moods at the baptism of daughter Kyla +++ Jenny Frankhauser shows her “balloon feet” +++ Bianca Claßen shows up again on the net.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

August 6, 2022

Sarah Harrison: “Something wild”! Kyla’s baptism had its pitfalls

It was actually a happy day, but the little daughter reacted differently than expected. Sarah Harrison, 31, and husband Dominic, 31, celebrated the christening of their daughter Kyla a few days ago. Last year’s corona regulations forced the couple to move the holiday. Did that add to the celebration of this special event? Your little one has now grown into a confident young lady and responded to her church blessing with all sorts of unexpected mood swings. “Of course, a two-year-old child is very lively. There is also screaming, crying, laughing, boredom,” reports Mama Sarah in her Instagram story.

It seems the Harrison Mini got the christening party on their toes. Around 45 guests were able to attend Kyla’s day of honor and experience her roller coaster of emotions. The service was apparently “entertaining and exhausting” at the same time for the excited baptismal candidate. “So it was a bit wild in the church,” explains the influencer with a smile. An unforgettable day that will probably give the Harrisons many more laughs together in a few years.

Sarah and Dominic Harrison celebrated a tumultuous christening for daughter Kyla.


August 5, 2022

Jenny Frankhauser shows her “balloon feet”

In April, Jenny Frankhauser, 29, announced via Instagram that she and her boyfriend Steffen König were expecting a child. Since then, Daniela Katzenberger’s sister, 35, has kept her fans up to date with updates. So she revealed the gender of her offspring in May: she is having a little boy. But Jenny also shares her worries or fears as well as the less beautiful aspects of her pregnancy with her community – like now.

In her Instagram story she posts a picture of her extremely swollen feet. Apparently, the 29-year-old is now struggling with water retention. “Don’t ask about pain [sic]”, she writes, adding a crying and a laughing emoji and the hashtag “balloon feet”.

Sarah Harrison: Kyla's christening wasn't without turbulence


After separation from Julian: Bianca Claßen shows up again on Instagram

While Julian Classen, 29, after separating from his wife Bibi, 29, is already happily cuddling with his new girlfriend online, the influencer, who became known under the name “BibisBeautyPalace”, has become quiet. No Instagram stories, no new postings, no appearances. Until now. Bianca Classen treats herself to a girls’ night out with her best friend Mona, as documented on her Instagram account on Thursday, August 4th. A little shy, Bibi hides behind her confidant, but her fans should be more than relieved to finally see the 29-year-old again.

Sarah Harrison: Kyla's christening wasn't without turbulence


August 4, 2022

Nathalie Volk confuses fans with an answer to a relationship question

Oops! The fans of Nathalie Volk, 25, were surprised for a moment. During a question and answer session on her Instagram story, a fan wants to know if the model is taken. The former GNTM candidate replies with an irritating: “Yes, unfortunately…” Your community reacts promptly, a user asks: “Why ‘unfortunately’ forgiven????”. Nathalie clarifies and answers dryly: “That was a joke.” Good to know, because Nathalie and her former ex-fiancé Frank Otto, 65, only recently found each other again.

Nathalie Volk

Nathalie Volk answers a question about her relationship status on Instagram.


The entrepreneur and the model split in 2020 after a five-year relationship. Nathalie then dated Timur Akbulut and then Samuel “Sammy” Levy. Another separation from Frank would come as a surprise, because as she recently revealed in an RTL interview, Volk is not averse to a wedding with Otto, who had already asked for her hand. However, the ringing of the wedding bells does not rush for the TV starlet. “You don’t have to get married nowadays either, I think it’s nice the way it is at the moment,” says Nathalie. And that’s all that matters.

August 3, 2022

Ennesto Monté reveals that his brother has been imprisoned for 15 years

Actually, Ennesto Monté, 47, always has a smile on his face and infected the other participants with his good mood in various reality TV formats. But now the native Serb strikes serious tones. “My brother has been in prison for 15 years,” he told Bild. “Until now I’ve always carried it around with myself because it was too painful for me. But now I’m addressing the topic in order to process it for myself too,” he continues.

His brother had committed several robberies in the past “while on drugs”. He was finally convicted of “threatening, robbing and assaulting”. He has now been in prison in Germany for six years, having previously been imprisoned in Serbia for nine years. His brother first used drugs as a teenager. “Nobody in our family noticed that. Only later, when his behavior could no longer hide it from us,” says Monté. Because he stole from the family and even threatened his father with a knife: “We didn’t know what to do.”

Today, Monté’s family would have “big problems” in Serbia. “My mother got breast cancer and skin cancer and has already had her second chemotherapy. And my sister has it very difficult with four children,” says the 47-year-old. Ennesto would therefore support his family financially as much as possible. He also tries to help his brother, “because my mother wishes to be able to hug him again in her life.”

Carmen Geiss reveals details about her daughters’ “wild” luxury party

On Saturday, July 30, Shania Geiss turned 18. She celebrated her coming of age with a boisterous party in St. Tropez – including fireworks and champagne. But not only the youngest little kid had a reason to celebrate, sister Davina, 19, joined the party, as Mama Carmen Geiss, 57, now explains to “Bild”: “Due to Corona, unfortunately Davina could not have a big party for the eighteenth So we just took Shania’s birthday as an opportunity to celebrate Davina’s 18th We have two parties [zusammen] made.” Shania celebrated in a disco, Carmen and her husband Robert, 58, “arrived as a surprise” later in the day.

The “gigantic” party night was obviously a complete success, because the millionaire’s wife reveals: Shania “was home with her sister around half past four. The next day we partied at a beach club. She had a few friends with her – I can only say that it was pretty wild.”

August 2, 2022

Sarah Harrison: Update on her 4 generation picture

Sarah Harrison, 31, wows her fans with an update of her 4 generations picture on Instagram. The influencer posts a series of pictures from the last four years and writes: “A year has passed again, our 4 generation picture 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2018 [sic]”.

The first picture shows Sarah, her mom, grandma and first daughter Mia Rose, 4. From 2021, daughter Kyla, 2, will also be in the picture. The fans react enthusiastically to the wonderful update. “Please at least 50 more of these pictures,” writes a user. How nice it would be to continue this great tradition in the years to come.

Elena Miras: Ex Mike Heiter congratulates daughter Aylen on her birthday so emotionally

Elena Miras and Mike Heiter, both 30, were a couple from 2017 to 2020, and their daughter Aylen was born in August 2018. After the separation, a war of roses erupted, which the two fought publicly. The former “jungle camp” participant accused her ex-partner of not taking enough care of his child. On the occasion of Aylen’s 4th birthday, Heiter is now posting an emotional post.

“My little Princess Aylen. Time flies and I can still remember you being born like it was yesterday. The most beautiful baby I have ever seen [sic]”, writes the proud dad to two recordings that show him with his daughter. He also reveals that he visited his little one on her day of honor on August 1st. As a gift, he gave her a Barbie wardrobe, about which Aylen I was very happy.” I wrote all this so that you can read it through later and know that I am always there for you, no matter when and where [sic]”, he writes and adds: “Yesterday I spent 15 hours in the car to see you for an hour. No way no time is too far or too long for me. […] Whenever I’m with you, the world stops for the moment and it only revolves around you my darling. [sic] “

He finally ends his post with the words: “I want to be a good dad to you and try everything to see you as often as possible my darling. Unfortunately, it’s too seldom. I know that it will be more often at some point, I’ll wait the time my darling daddy loves you with all his heart. [sic]”

August 1, 2022

Cora Schumacher is naked in the pool

Oh la la! Cora Schumacher, 45, knows how to entertain her more than 100,000 Instagram followers. Ralf Schumacher’s ex-wife, 47, regularly gives her fans a glimpse into her private life and often posts funny videos or snapshots that show that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. But now the racing driver is showing her seductive side.

With the warm temperatures, Cora treated herself to a refreshing dip in the pool. She didn’t wear a bikini top and seems to pose naked for her selfie – she only wears a gold chain around her neck. “Sometimes you have to be alone, not to be lonely, but to enjoy the free time and be yourself,” she writes. Both her photo and her words are resonating with her fans, as evidenced by the countless enthusiastic comments.

Despite a stroke: “Couple on Tour” stars announce their daughter’s name

A few weeks ago, Vanessa from “Couple on Tour” reported worrying news to her Instagram followers: she announced that her wife Ina was in the hospital and “unresponsive”. While Ina was put into an artificial coma after a stroke, Vanessa gave birth to her daughter. The condition of the 26-year-old is now stable, and Vanessa visits her in the clinic as often as possible. Now the couple surprises with a YouTube video in which they reveal the name of their daughter.

The two recorded the clip before Ina had a stroke, when Nessi was still pregnant – it was already clear what her little daughter should be called. Their child is named Olivia Rose. When it came to the second name, they immediately agreed. In addition, cute nicknames like “Rosie, Rose, Liv or Livie” could be formed from both first names.

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