Sarah Harrison: Your "little princess" has this name

Sarah and Dominic Harrison announced the birth of their second child on Monday. Now the influencer reveals what the little girl's name is.

Sarah (29) and Dominic Harrison have just become parents for the second time. Now the influencer is already revealing the name of her new daughter on Instagram: the little girl is called Kyla. Harrison posted a picture in which she hugs the baby. Only the back of her daughter's head can be seen.

At the same time, the influencer posted a declaration of love to her little one. "Your first breath made our family complete," writes Harrison, who "couldn't be happier at the moment."

Sister Mia was also looking forward to her playmate

In addition, the Harrisons published a video on YouTube on Wednesday, which shows excerpts from pregnancy and from the clinic. The 29-year-old made the birth public on Monday. In her Instagram Stories she wrote: "We can hold our little princess in our arms. Everything went great and we are all well. Now enjoy our cuddle time and report the days to you!"

Sarah and Dominic Harrison married a few days before the birth of their first daughter Mia Rose at the end of November 2017. Harrison revealed a few days ago in an interview with spot on news how the girl deals with having a sibling: "She understands everything very precisely and The anticipation increases. But she's also looking forward to when mom's stomach is gone and she can finally romp with me again. "