Sarah Lombardi: She watches "House of Money" in a special night gown

While others in the tracksuit, pajamas or onesie are lounging on the couch to bang their favorite series, Sarah Lombardi (27, "Back to me") watches the new episodes of the fourth season of the Netflix series "House of Money" in a white negligee . In an Instagram story, the singer sits in bed in a lace-trimmed white nightgown and reveals that she made herself comfortable at 8:00 p.m.

Series "so sought"

"I was looking for this series like this – and I'm just happy that it continues," Lombardi says. She is a "real fan girl". She also revealed that she would be back in the recording studio on Saturday (April 4) to work on new music.

In addition, she has other good news for her followers. Their announced fan flea market, which had to be canceled due to the current corona situation, will go online on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. The singer will sell old clothing and accessories there and donate the proceeds to a good cause.