Sarah Ruget, from casino to cybersecurity via poker and studies

Professional paths follow sometimes bumpy, winding, sometimes quiet paths. Reconversions, career breaks, revolution in the working environment… Serial portraits.

On October 6, Twitch suffered a massive data breach. A few days later, on October 13, OVHCloud faced a general outage. Whether the manager is the clumsy author of a “copy and paste” or a hacker, cybersecurity is omnipresent in our professional activities. It has become Sarah Ruget’s daily life.

There is nothing classic or predictable in Sarah Ruget’s career. After the baccalaureate, she enrolled in the history faculty and aspired to become a teacher-researcher. But this project did not last long. “I had found a two-month summer job as a croupier in a casino. I liked it, I decided to stay ”, she says. What did he like about this environment and this job? “The relationship with customers, we sell dreams, we play with emotions, but also mental arithmetic, respect for rules and night work! “

Five years later, it is in poker tournaments that she works as an independent dealer. After a few years, she wanted to buy an apartment, but without a permanent contract, the banks refused her loan application. “This is one of the reasons why I decided to change jobs. I had been working in this environment for nine years and poker was starting to lose ground in France, I wanted to find a job where I could have fun. In addition, we believe that the croupiers are well paid but it is a cliché, they are paid at the minimum wage and receive bonuses for the night or on public holidays… ”

Already curious to understand how a computer worked and what was behind the keyboard and the screen, Sarah Ruget followed the advice of a computer engineer friend who told her to ” back to school “. Based in the Sophia-Antipolis technopole region, in the Alpes-Maritimes, she knows that there are opportunities in local businesses and several schools that train in IT. “But going back to school at the age of 27 is the obstacle course”, she admits.

“I was ulcerated …”

She enrolled in a private school in Sophia-Antipolis where she began with a BTS SIO (IT services to organizations) and continued with a bachelor’s and then a specialized master’s in IT development, all in work-study program with different companies.

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At the start of the master’s degree, she began to take an interest in cybersecurity, problems linked to hacking and attacks. “There was never time, neither at school nor in business, to add security to projects. I was upset to see that little guys just smart enough could abuse Ms. Michu by making her click on a phishing link or could crash a business, that is to say employees and families, with ransomware … “, she exclaims when asked why she chose this path.

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