Sarah Zucker: Similarities and differences with her brother Ben

Sarah Zucker releases her debut album. In an interview, Ben Zucker's sister talks about her best childhood memories.

Sarah Zucker (29), the sister of hit star Ben Zucker (36, "Who says that ?!") is also starting a music career. Tomorrow Friday (July 24th) she will release her debut album "Where my heart is". "Of course I'm very happy and I'm incredibly excited," says Zucker in an interview with the news agency spot on news about her first long player. "I often listen to my songs while riding a bike and then I can hardly believe that everything is happening right now – that makes me very proud."

Her songs are about her experiences of the past two years, as she tells. "During this time it was pretty turbulent for me, the old had to go so that something new could emerge – that was a huge learning process for me," says Zucker. On the whole, it's "about letting go, being homesick, feeling like you've never felt before, about friendship and messages that should remind us that we are all just human and nobody is perfect" .

Sarah Zucker had her first major TV appearance in early June in Florian Silbereisen's "Schlagerlovestory". "It's hard to put into words," says the singer of the experience. "I was really nervous before the gig because I knew that millions of viewers would see me. After my song, my tears came, simply because the tension dropped and I was so overwhelmed by everything. "

From childhood educator to singer

Before Sarah Zucker started her career as a singer, she was a childhood educator. "I've always been interested in a wide variety of things and topics, and I see studying and working with the children as an extremely educational experience for me that I don't want to do without," she says. In 2018 she stood on stage with brother Ben for the first time. There she "rediscovered a side of me that was always there but just fell asleep. I then decided to devote more to this side, namely the musical side".

With her brother Ben, she was "in constant communication, because from my side there are always questions that he can answer me well". Nevertheless, the two are "two different people and have different experiences and deal with them differently". That is why Ben Zucker is rather reluctant to give tips for her career. "But what he always says very clearly is that the most important thing is to just stay with yourself," she explains.

Ben and Sarah Zucker: Similarities and Differences of the Siblings

The siblings are "very similar in many ways and then very, very different in others, that's really funny with us," says Sarah Zucker. "What distinguishes us the most is our lifestyle – he says of himself that he is more 'rock'n'roll' and I'm more interested in a spiritual way of life with yoga and meditation," says the singer further out.

"Among the similarities are, among other things, the dedication to the idea that you can do it differently, that there is not one way, but that there are" many ways to Rome ". We both have a kind of artist soul, that is expressed in different ways, primarily through music, of course, but also through other creative processes, for example. Ben likes to paint, before he even painted all his shoes brightly and I'm a big fan of DIY projects, I'm a lot working or trying my hand at the sewing machine, "says Sarah Zucker.

Ben Zucker: "I'm very proud of Sarah"

She had her best childhood memories with her brother of "the moments when we made music together at home. We played a lot of tapes at the time. He played the guitar and I sang, either Nirvana songs or songs from the school music book , there was, for example, some from Juliane Werding. "

"Music has always played a big role for both of us," recalls Ben Zucker. "Sarah sang a lot as a little girl and always listened to my door when I played the guitar. Later we both even recorded YouTube videos together." To be on stage with my little sister as a big brother feels "very good".

"I am very proud of Sarah that she actually dared to do it – and is now doing it! I have always been convinced that she should be on stage!", He is certain. He particularly appreciates his sister, "that she simply tackles things that she has decided and sometimes takes risks," he says. "I also appreciate her idiosyncrasy. It is ambitious and exudes a healthy calm."