Satire Festival – Casineum Velden: Politics as a smile factor

Even in ancient times, politics was scrutinized with a mixture of wit, seriousness, mockery and comedy. In Velden, a two-day satire festival now promises top-class entertainment through literature, fine arts and music.

Satire far away from cabaret and carnival – that’s no joke. With the “Satiricum” festival, initiator Ilse Gerhardt wants to make the genre visible as art and “promote creative artists and move Carinthia into a focal point of culture.” If politics itself is often real satire, Carinthian authors such as Julia Jost, Engelbert Obernosterer or Jani Oswald sharp-tongued and eloquently applied their laughing muscles. Ex-politician present As an ex-politician, Rolf Holub knows very well what he is singing about, while Klaus Lippitsch supports him with whistles and bells in a virtuoso and sonorous manner. Cornelius Kolig used a machine to dissociate himself from politics at the 2006 culture awards ceremony, thereby elevating shaking hands to the status of art.
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